When I can’t hear the music in my head I feel like I’ve lost everything
Before you change your mind
I just need to say
that I’ve always been on your side
When the fall falls
You’ll follow in its wake
Push your fingers to my heart
And tell me it’ll be okay
What I can’t hear the music in my head
I feel like I’ve lost everything
So please turn up your stereo
And I’ll prove that you’re my everything

I feel like graffiti on the train Just words that will pass you buy Yeah sure they look good now Button time everything fades away

I just couldn’t help myself
A I sit and watch the sunrise
I told myself I’d never fall again.
Coughing out smoke and depression
I felt the sunlight fill the absence
I wish that utter would do the same for me
But it’s hard to think that im driving
to a place I’ve called my home
For so long I think it’s time to let go

It’s hard to say you’re fine when you’re drunk at 3 p.m.

I feel like nothing’s changed this summer
Just perpetually stuck in a lie
Listening to the same albums that give me hope
But feeling like I’m nothing more
Screaming my soul in transit
On my way to nothing more
Feeling trapped and displaced

Is hope enough
To keep everything the way it’s been
So I don’t feel like bones with skin
I don’t want to give up
Keep moving on
I just want to have a second chance
To take this world with my two hands
To prove that I’m not wrong
I’m always wrong

No disrespect
There are things I wish
I would have heard
before you left
So I’ll hold my tongue
And hum along
To the discourse
in my head
Smoke and tar
To cover my scar
and keep my memories and check
I don’t think it’s working yet.

I refuse to be comfortable
I stop myself when I see the sign
I’m too afraid to slow down
Thinking that if I stop I’ll get left behind

All the things that I fear come from things that I’ve done
From the time that I’m trapped in my mind all the times that I run
I guess I’m getting used to trying to fight it off
But I’ll keep searching for acceptance and love

I appreciate everything more when I’m wasted
From the night we spent together
To the days where I do nothing
I appreciate it more when I’m wasted

You tell me that I stop breathing in my sleep
They tell me that it’s a disease that’s inside of me
but I’m not sure if that’s really true
I just keep losing my breath whenever I’m with you.

Probably both

I’ve been counting the stitches in my arm from the time I tore it open
I remember watching the blood poor out and how i felt so broken
And thinking about it brought up how I’m still living in the past
So now I’m think snort you and how i just want to make this last
I felt my heart fall through
A crack in my chest
I feel you running through
My skin like needle
Just like your new Tattoo
That you’ll probably regret in morning
I just want you to know
That I’ll stick with you forever

I remembered how we scratched at the surface

of a life that held no more purpuse

as i held your hand ad we 

drove the end of the dock

there we fell into the ocean

held our breath till e couldnt stand it

ive lost my composer

i didnt mean to take this away


you held me up when I felt down

and I dont think that I can turn my life around

I hope to see what can be done

when I’ve found that you’ve gone


Driving though the dark lit highways

so i thought id find my way

you held to the shadows

and now i’m coning up for air

you’re making excusses

from the moment you chose to

open up the doors

and now i’ve got to let you go

I’ll let you go x2

I think I’m feeling tired but my eyes won’t fall asleep
As the light outside my window begins to make me feel weak
I just can’t get you off my mind long enough to shut my eyes

So tell me why
Anythings different from how it
once was.
I’m still fucked up
And its hard to see
Through my hazzy eyes as we made our way through the city
It’s sad to think that it use to mean everything to me