I’ve been counting the stitches in my arm from the time I tore it open
I remember watching the blood poor out and how i felt so broken
And thinking about it brought up how I’m still living in the past
So now I’m think snort you and how i just want to make this last
I felt my heart fall through
A crack in my chest
I feel you running through
My skin like needle
Just like your new Tattoo
That you’ll probably regret in morning
I just want you to know
That I’ll stick with you forever

I remembered how we scratched at the surface

of a life that held no more purpuse

as i held your hand ad we 

drove the end of the dock

there we fell into the ocean

held our breath till e couldnt stand it

ive lost my composer

i didnt mean to take this away


you held me up when I felt down

and I dont think that I can turn my life around

I hope to see what can be done

when I’ve found that you’ve gone


Driving though the dark lit highways

so i thought id find my way

you held to the shadows

and now i’m coning up for air

you’re making excusses

from the moment you chose to

open up the doors

and now i’ve got to let you go

I’ll let you go x2

I think I’m feeling tired but my eyes won’t fall asleep
As the light outside my window begins to make me feel weak
I just can’t get you off my mind long enough to shut my eyes

So tell me why
Anythings different from how it
once was.
I’m still fucked up
And its hard to see
Through my hazzy eyes as we made our way through the city
It’s sad to think that it use to mean everything to me

And I know that things have changed
And I know that I’m still the same
And I know that the nights may fade
And so don’t forget my name.

I thought of all the man that laid down pavement
And how you’ll never know how much it meant

Do you find it hard to relate in a world that has taken it all?

Lack luster mistakes that had you strung up to the wall

Did you lose all the people that said that they’d never leave

Well then you never heard a single word I ever said.


I keep avoiding my shadow by hiding myself
because times growing longer as the sun lingers down
Praying that these four walls will show something else
Rather than just a reminder that I’m lost without you

I’m just like a compass that’s lost all direction
Pointing my way to a sign that said “you made it”
But it’s hard when you feel like your running in circles
I’m not lost anymore, I just feel like I’m hollow

I wrote. this. song.
so I could sing you to sleep
Because the distance. is. long.
And I just want you to know its okay!

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat
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 Ayo, fuck this. Are we dating? Are we fucking? Are we best friends? Are we something? In between that?

I wish we never fucked, and I mean that

But not really. You say the nastiest shit in bed and it’s fucking awesome.

We’ve all been looking for something to be

but i’m just a ghost wrapped up in a hoodie

Keep my sights on the ground just to find my way

and hopefully I’ll find you again

Won’t let go

The difference between me and you
is the distance of our breath
Sing to me the words you want
And I swear I’ll scream them back
Holding on to the distance
That continues to cut your lips
Shock your senses warm your bones
Ill give you all that I’ve got left
I’ve got dark, lit, eyes
That hang heavy in your mind
And I just pass, the, time
Hoping that we’ll meet again
You told me once
I told you that
“I won’t let go”

I have this half held mind set where I can’t tell if I’ve ever really changed.
If I’ve ever really left the past behind.
I’ve seen more than most but I haven’t seen it all.
I get down when I realize how small I am
But I look forward to giving this life my all.
20 something with a dream I’ve held since 12 
Hold on to the person I am and the kid I want to be when I grow up

You said that you couldn’t find me
I didnt know that I was lost
Like a ghost that spoke to only you
My words hit the walls and then they’re gone